Are You Fit to Be a Super Bowl Champion? Find Out with the New Gameplan DNA Test

John Lynch Gameplan DNA test

John Lynch, former American football strong safety and current general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, looks for the following qualities in his players: power, flexibility, resilience, and spirit.

With his player merits in mind, we created a 22-gene profile so you can discover whether your genes have the raw potential football legend John Lynch looks for in his athletes. Get ready for Super Bowl LII by finding out whether you have what it takes to bring a championship ring home. Are you gameday ready?

The John Lynch Gameplan DNA test includes analysis of these key contributors to football greatness:

  • Performance.
    Are you built for power? Are you perfectly suited for going the distance — all the way to the end zone? See how you stack up when it comes to athletic performance with analysis of genes associated with cardiac output, training response, oxygen capacity and more.
  • Toughness.
    Can you explode down the field and turn on a dime? Are your bones tough and your joints flexible? Are you made to be a defensive tackle? Discover if you’re gifted in genes associated with muscle mass, muscle force, and more.
  • Resilience.
    Can you tolerate pain and handle high-intensity workouts — day after day? Can you take a hit and get right back up? Reveal whether your genes make you more likely to be an asset for your football team with analysis of post-exercise cell repair, pain tolerance, and more.
  • Spirit.
    Football isn’t just about muscle — you also need heart. Do your genes set you up to be fierce when you need to be, and calm off the field? Find out if you have the innate potential to stay positive, be tight with your team, and learn from mistakes with genes related to happiness, empathy, and more.

John Lynch Gameplan DNA test

The John Lynch Gameplan DNA test is available in our online store for $79. Like Orig3n’s other DNA tests, your results will be delivered directly to you via our LifeProfile app. Whether you’re a Pats fan or an Eagles fan, we hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!